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SMlLE wrote:
I got invited and I've only been an resident for 2 months :S
Here's the proof. And I didn't get it off a site.
But its stupid how we have to pay :S

Hay, they need money to ya know.

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Well old OW players who sell R and SR items for millions don't really have to pay a cent they simply buy a pass for 10 or 15 m from the market place that's why I really find it stupid to buy gems nowadays because you can buy any item that costs gems in the mp for few hundreds of thousands ?

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Yes. I'd pay by phone.

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^ me too. i hope they do this. instead of buying gems om my phone just to buy a ZC in the super store. o.O too much work >.<||THANK YOU FORUM ARTISTS ❤||Facebook|| FORUMER CREW TOPIC <-- wanna join? click it
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The Fb Credits thing is already a possible method, if you're connected to Fb.

In my experience, you get the invitation as soon as you become a resident as a level 30 or higher.

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I seriously thought I replied to this topic: *Facepalm*

Anyway here we go...

1)Zoe's Club Pass (1 Month): Should cost around 600-700 gems.
2)Pay with your mobile phone.
3)Charge your home phone.
4)Prepaid Cards Payment.
5)Facebook Credits


First method seems fine but then again It is already out in the Super Store. You can buy 1 Month Zoe Club with Gems.

Second method seems fine considering the fact that majority of the people can pay by phone. Then again, your monthly bill will goes up by $29.99 and your parents will be pissed off if they are paying for your cell phone.

Third method; About that....not a good idea. Just don't ask. Its not a good idea.

Fourth method seems fine. Wouldn't hurt to pay by Prepaid Cards.

As for the fifth method, please no. Hell no.


So I agree on three things. Therefore, 3/5 x 100 = 60%. That is more then 50% so you got my vote.

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